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111 South Concord Exchange
South St. Paul, MN 55075
    September 2018

     After reading Barbís column last month, I know many of you have been wondering with bated breath if I will make good on my promise in August to give you highlights of what Post 295 and its Auxiliary did over the summer. But to tell the truth Barb, who is much more modest than I am, vastly understated all we have been doing this summer. So, here is my version:

     In May it was the American Legionís year to put together the Memorial Day Program. Post 295 and its Auxiliary was responsible for cleaning-up the cemetery, placing Flags on light posts along the Memorial Day Parade Route, holding a fundraiser (meat raffle) @ the Post to cover Memorial Day expenses, placing and taking down the individual Flags on graves @ the cemetery, arranging forth convertibles that the Poppy Princesses & Grand Marshal rode in during the parade, setting-up the program site, providing the rifle squad that fired at the end of the event. We also prepared and hosted the free post-event lunch at the club. In all 56 Volunteers from Post 295 and its Auxiliary put in 307 hours to make this event a success. The cost of the event was $577, two hundred of this was covered by a donation from Dakota County and the rest came out of 295ís Post and Auxiliary funds.

     In June we had Kaposia Days and while the club sponsored a Street Dance during the event, Post 295 and its Auxiliary also sponsored the Kaposia Days after Parade Free Lunch, where we prepared, served, and provided all the food for the event. A color guard comprised of Post 295 and its Auxiliary lead the Parade. In all 13 Volunteers from Post 295 and its Auxiliary put in 95 hours to make this event a success. Also, when you include the cost of the food, the use of the hall, the kitchen, and cash donations, Post 295 and its Auxiliary contributed $3000 to this event.

     In July there was Kidís Safety Camp. Although this event is now sponsored jointly by the SSP and Mendota Heights Parks and Recreation Departments, it was originally started and totally funded 23 years ago by Post 295 and itís Auxiliary. At that time, it included four communities: SSP, WSP, IGH, and Mendota Heights. This year 80 kids participated. Post 295 and its Auxiliary provided volunteers to serve snacks and lunch the first two days of the event. We also provided McDonaldís hamburgers, chips & Kool-Aid for the first dayís lunch at a cost of $300. In all 11 Volunteers from Post 295 and its Auxiliary put in 105 hours.

     In August we held the Annual Kids Picnic and although this is a Post event we do allow members of the community and family to come as guests. We also have extended an invitation to those who are currently serving on active duty or are current members of the National Guard or reserve and their families, so I truly consider it a community event. This year, 28 volunteers put in 224 hours to make this event a success. The Cost was $1808.46.

     Also, in August Post 295 held its first in-house Blood Drive in30 years. We collected approximately 30 pints of blood, with 7 Volunteers putting in 56 hours to pull this off. All was donated.

     In addition to all the above, Post 295 and its Auxiliary Sponsor: Bingo the 2nd Monday every even # month at the Minneapolis Veterans Home and at the Hastings Veterans Home the 3rdThursday of each month. These two events alone cost Post 295and its Auxiliary approximately $1800 and require over 200 hours of volunteer service annually.

     A Cracker Barrel @ the MN Veterans Home Minneapolis requiring approximately 3 hours of volunteer service by 5-6 people which adds up to @ 180 hours annually. The annual cost of this event is about $2000.

     Finally, we have a few individuals who volunteer at various activities on their own. For example: One person who in addition to participating in the group activities like Bingo, puts in about 20addition volunteer hours a month at the Hastings Veterans Home. Another person tutors at a local elementary school on a regular basis. And Iím sure there are others that Iím not aware of who volunteer other places on a regular basis.

     In short, Post 295 truly ďHonors the Dead by Serving the LivingĒ and thatís why I ďTake Pride in 295Ē. ďAnd this will continue even if we sell our buildingĒ --Despite rumors to the contrary. Because we are not giving up our charter-we are not leaving Suspend our plan is not only to continue to work for veterans and the community; BUT TO DO MORE!!


Auxiliary & Post Meeting
-Wednesday, September 12, 2018- Auxiliary 6:30pm,
Post 7pm

Steak and/or Shrimp Dinner
-Friday, September 21, 2018 -5pm to 7:30pm


Mike Labovitch
Post Commander