Gallagher - Hansen
V.F.W. Post 295













111 South Concord Exchange
South St. Paul, MN 55075
    November 2014
Greetings Comrades,

     Fall is here!! Now comes the season of raking and raking and raking some more. Sometimes I think it will never end. Such is the cross you bear when you have trees all over your yard, like I have.

     On October 11th we attended the 2nd District Conference at the Chaska Post. The meeting was attended by 26 Posts of our District. We were reinformed about Standard Form 180 that you can fill out and submit to get a copy of your Form DD 214 if you have lost or misplaced it. We have those blank forms at the sign-in desk for your convenience.

     On October 18th we had Minnesota Military Appreciation Night at the Post. There was a big name band on hand and a big name Radio DJ also present. As of this writing, all the numbers are still being calculated, so I can't report on how well we did but I can tell you we had a fantastic turnout.

     By the time you receive this newsletter our Fish Fries will be under way for the last two weeks of October and the first two weeks of November. Don't forget that we have the best Fish Fries around for the money so I hope that you will have come down and enjoyed the fantastic meal. As always, please keep in mind that we can always use volunteers to help out at these functions.

     I hope this newsletter reaches you in time to remind you to get out and VOTE on November 4th as this is the only way you have to make a difference in the way our government is run. VOTING CAN MAKE A DIFFERANCE.

    Our next Steak and Shrimp Dinner will be on November 21st. We continue to have a strong turnout for this fundraiser so please continue to support our efforts to give back to the Veterans.

     As you have hopefully noticed in the newsletter, we still have available AD space to be utilized. If you know someone who would like to advertise in our publication, let them know that we have space available, or maybe you would like to advertise for your business as well. These spaces are available for $60 per year.

     Membership Dues continue to trickle in from our unpaid members. We are slowly reaching our 100% goal. Don't be the last on your block to send in your 2014 dues. If you are contemplating going with a Life Membership at this time, we are offering a 20% discount on the total cost. Call us or come down and see us if you are interested in this program. It would be great if all members were Life Members.

     It has been almost a year since we had new ceiling tiles and a new paint job done inside our Post building. Our Club Manager is still in the process of giving our Club Room a new and fresh and up to date look. It's a work in progress. Come on down and give us a look. Keep in mind, IT IS YOUR POST AND CLUB ROOM. We would appreciate your input as to how you like the look he is trying to achieve.

     On November 11th we will be having a short program, starting at about 10:35, to honor all of our Veterans, both Living and Deceased. The Honorable Mayor Beth Bauman will be in attendance to give a few words of thanks and acknowledgement to our Veterans. The Toast will be held at 11:00 A.M.

For those early risers there will be a free breakfast at the Veterans Community Center in Inver Grove Heights starting at 8:00 A.M.

     In closing, I and the members of Post 295 congratulate those celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, a speedy recovery to those who are ill, and our condolences to those who have lost a loved one.


Yours in Comradeship

Mike Running, Commander