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V.F.W. Post 295













111 South Concord Exchange
South St. Paul, MN 55075
Tate Doom
      September 2016
Greetings to you all,

     It is hard to believe that fall is upon us. I am trusting that you have all made it through the hot summer months. Now is time to begin working on your homes in preparation for winter. Make sure windows are sealed and the snow blower is ready to go. Check with your older neighbors and single mothers in the area to see if they need help when the snow begins to fall. This counts as community service and we should be reporting it to the Department for credit.

     Speaking of community service we were invited to be a part of G and H Computer Repairs grand opening. We had an information table and were able to meet some of our neighbors. The establishment of these relationships is vital to the success of our Post. We are lucky we have community support for our organization and Post. Not all communities are so lucky. Some have to fight for even basic and cursory recognition. We are still looking to doing some work at the cemetery. I plan on meeting with the committee again and get the ball rolling. Hopefully get a quote from some local contractors so we have some idea of what we need to raise for funds.

     On August 7th we hosted the Kids Picnic at Lorraine Park. It was a good time and the Kids were spoiled with games and candy and money. We gave away eight bikes and two wagons. This is a yearly undertaking. We could use some more volunteers to help out. We did have one issue. Another group rented the shelter at the Park after us. They showed up at 3:00PM and were expecting us to hurry out of there. Park Security even showed up for a few minutes. But we worked together and made our event a success and those that rented after us were able to get their event sent up. On Monday the 8th I called the Park and Rec Association. The group after us did not have the shelter rented until 4:30. They were hoping to get in early I guess. Next year the Kids Picnic will be held the first Sunday in August just like it has been held for years.

     Membership is an ongoing program that we have in the Post. It is up to everyone to help out. The future of our organization is dependent on new blood. The National Organization has not added the total of life members to membership rolls yet. Since our Post has a high number of life memberís things look scary right now. But soon we will see 90% membership numbers again. Ultimately it would be great to have every member that we have involved in one program or another. We do need some help with Youth Activities. In the past few years we have not had a participant in our Post for the Voice of Democracy program. This is rather sad as the winning student at post is entered into the district and winners go onto the state. The state winner gets a $2000.00 dollar check. Not bad for a 3-5 minute speech. We also need to start recognizing the teachers in our community that are out there that are doing good things in teaching our children and grandchildren about service and sacrifice and Americanism.

     Upcoming events at the Post Friday night and Saturday afternoon meat raffles continue. The giving a drink ticket during the August meat raffles was a huge hit. Plans are being made to start that up in June again. Every Wednesday we have bingo at the Post. I have found this to be enjoyable and quite often most of the tables are being used. We could always have more people though. Heck you might even win a few dollars. September 16th is our Steak and Shrimp meal. The members that put this together do an amazing job and the food is good as well. Grab your significant other and come down to the Post for a meal and play the meat raffle.

     Our next Post meeting is September 14th at 7PM. I hope to see many new faces.

     Have a safe and Happy Labor Day weekend. Remember that kids will be heading back to school soon so be extra careful when you are out and about when the kids are heading to school or back home. Those of us that have school age children look forward to this time of year as we will be receiving fewer phone calls from home about what to eat or a report of what one child said to another that caused a fight.

Tate Doom
Post Commander