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V.F.W. Post 295













111 South Concord Exchange
South St. Paul, MN 55075
Tate Doom
      August 2016
     Hello my brothers and sisters of the VFW and the Auxiliary.
     The time of year when the heat is upon has hit. I hope that everyone that is reading these letters has a cool place to go to get away from the heat. Check with your neighbors and see how they are doing with the heat. Not everyone has air conditioning in their home. I cannot imagine not having A/C, but many do not like it.
     We recently hosted the Department July Council of Administration meeting. This event did bring some exposure to the Post and I have heard from many of the attendees that they had a great time. Ira booked a great band for the evening and the VFW and Auxiliary did a great job cooking the food and getting the steaks out quickly. Thank you to all involved in your great efforts.
     The first of July has past and with that the new VFW year has kicked off. We have three new members added to our roles at the last meeting. Two annual members and one life transfer. What we need early is a push to get those that have not paid for the last few years. This way we not only secure our future as a Post, but as the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Many of our other programs have also started. Community service is an all year long enjoyable endeavor. What we do in our communities is a direct reflection on the Post. We continue to support many of our youth teams by the meat raffle. Speaking of meat raffle on Fridays in August, we are trying something a little different. Every fifth spin, whatever number comes up the next, one higher (or lower depending on the spin) will result in a drink ticket for the next number. Example number 10 is the meat winner number 11 (or 9 depending on the spin) will get a drink ticket. We are looking to make the raffles enjoyable.
     On August 7th we are hosting our kidís picnic. It is at the same place, Lorraine Park and starts at 11:00. This year we have received a small grant from the Department to offset some of the costs associated with the event. We are inviting current members of the National Guard to be our guests for free. August meeting is the 10th start time is 7PM. We need more members to attend these meetings so we can decide what we want to do as a Post in the future. The business of the organization is conducted at these meetings not at the bar after a few cocktails.
     Steak and Shrimp is August 19th. Stop down and have a great steak.
     Next month I will be giving you the highs and the lows from the National Convention being held in Charlotte.
     Until then remember to buckle up while you are in your car.

Tate Doom
Post Commander