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111 South Concord Exchange
South St. Paul, MN 55075

     Your Auxiliary Officers for the 2017 - 2018 program year will take over on June 11 at the close of the Department Convention. This being my final newsletter I would like to say that it has been an honor to serve as your President. I hope the new Officers, both Auxiliary and Post, have a great year. We held our Joint Installation ceremony on May 10, so they are ready to begin.

     As is always the case, our Cracker Barrel report is a month behind. The April Cracker Barrel was held on April 26th. Once again, we had a great turn-out. We served 33
Veterans, family members and Staff helpers. The pies were the 1st to go, but they enjoyed the sandwiches and other treats also. Thanks Herb, Lorraine, Barb K. and Phyllis for the food preparation and Ray, Vi and Susan for going to the Minneapolis Veterans Home with me.

     On May 3rd I attended the 70th Annual Activities Banquet at So. St. Paul High School. I presented the VFW Auxiliary award to the female honor athlete and the female activities honoree. Commander Tate presented the male honoree awards.

     On May 10th we attended the Annual Scholarship banquet where we each presented awards. The 3 - $1000.00 awards from the Auxiliary were presented to Levi Gustafson, Nathan Jepson and Payton Lohrke. That evening $373,150.00 worth of scholarships were awarded to 139 students.

     On May 11th I attended the pie and ice cream volunteer social with Vi, Susan, Herb and Ray at the Minneapolis Veterans Home. It was scheduled for April, but had to be rescheduled due to the flu bug.

     We sponsored our monthly bingo at the Hastings Veterans Home on May 18th. There were 33 participants and we gave out $65.50 in prize money. We had several others who just came for the ice cream and cookies. They had been watching the Twins game and I think it was time for the 7th inning stretch. Thanks again to Ray for calling bingo and Vi and Susan for helping with the payouts and treats.

     Poppy distribution day was May 19th. Several of us were out at various locations. It was rather chilly - only about 50 degrees. It looked and felt like it could snow.

     The 1st Steak and Shrimp dinner since the fish fries ended was on May 19th. There were only 3 Auxiliary members there to help. Another who came as a guest stepped in to help for a little while. I realize this is a Post function, but they only had 4 members and a non-member helping. The Auxiliary has always helped with this function. We need more people to step up if we are going to be successful.

     On May 5th I received a call from a lady who recently had surgery. She wanted to express her thanks and appreciation for the medical equipment she was able to borrow from the VFW. Keep in mind that there are various devices of medical equipment available for you to borrow. Call the office.

     If you have questions regarding your membership dues call Barb Kleckner at 651-450-9291. We still have a few unpaid 2017 dues.

     If you are a member in good standing and have been diagnosed with cancer, call Barb Kleckner about a Cancer Grant.

     Continue to bring us your cancelled stamps. We just sent a box of them to “Stamps for the Wounded” and will be working on the next box. Thanks for helping.

     The next Auxiliary meeting will be June 14 at 6:30 p.m.

Dates to remember in June:

6 D Day 1944
14 Flag Day
US Army founded 1775
18 Father’s Day
21 Summer Begins
22 GI Bill signed into Law 1944
Pledge of Allegiance recognized by
Congress 1942
25 Korean War began 1950
30 Post 9/11 GI Bill signed into law 2008

     In closing, I congratulate those celebrating a birthday or anniversary. I wish for a speedy recovery if you are injured or ill. I offer my deepest sympathy if you have lost a loved one.

Loyally yours,

Barb Meyer
Auxiliary President

         June 2017
Barb Meyer