Gallagher - Hansen
V.F.W. Post 295












111 South Concord Exchange
South St. Paul, MN 55075

     I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I heard that this was the coldest Christmas day in 26 years. Letís just hope it doesnít continue too long.

     We are continuing our adopt a Veteran program. Sadly we have gone from 6 down to 4 Veterans since we started this program, but Iím hopeful that we will be able to adopt a couple more. I want to thank the group of ladies that went shopping and wrapped all the gifts for our adopted Veterans. I also want to thank Michelle Knain for once again hand signing 500 Christmas cards for distribution to all the Veterans at Hastings Veterans Home and Minneapolis Veterans Home.

     The Kids Christmas party was held on December 17th. It was my pleasure to sit next to Santa to pass out candy canes. I got to hear the wishes of the little ones when they talked to Santa, so cute. Several of the older ones said they didnít know what they wanted for Christmas. Santa told them that back at the North Pole he had some bags marked with ďI donít knowĒ and thatís what he would bring them for Christmas. Leave it to Santa to have all the answers.

     Mid-Winter Conference is January 19 thru 21 at the Marriott Center in Minneapolis. Itís a great conference to go to. You get to see all the Poppy displays and the Department winners of Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen will be there to read their essays at the banquet. The down side to this that we are also having a fish fry on the 19th. This means we will be short on volunteers for the fish fry. Please if youíre not going to conference we will need you at the fish fry to help. We need as many volunteers as possible every Friday during the fish fry season so please consider coming down to help.

     Campbellís soup is no longer running the Labels for education program.

     For years you have cut and brought in your soup labels. We sent them to the VFW Home for Children and they used them to buy whatever they needed to keep the home running. The last I heard they were able to buy 5 mini vans with those labels. Thank you to all of you who have faithfully cut those labels off your soup cans for us for so many years.

     Just a reminder that the 2018 dues are due. The letters have been sent out and some have responded but we need all in possession of a letter to send in your dues ASAP. They are still only $21 for the year.

     Remember that if you are a member in good standing and are diagnosed with cancer, the Auxiliary has cancer grants available. Contact Barb Kleckner for more information at 651-450-9291.

     The Auxiliary is available to perform a Funeral Ritual for any deceased Auxiliary sister or brother. It would be our honor to do so. Contact Linda Irey at 651-247-8198.

     In closing, I congratulate anyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary.

     I wish a speedy recovery if you are injured or ill. I offer my deepest sympathy if you have lost a loved one.

Loyally yours,

Linda Irey
Auxiliary President

         January 2018