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111 South Concord Exchange
South St. Paul, MN 55075
Greetings Auxiliary Sisters and Brothers,

     I canít believe August is almost over. The State Fair will begin in a few days. Actually, it might be over by the time you receive this newsletter. Oh my gosh, that mean summer is over.

     The Kidís Picnic was held on Sunday, August 5th. The weather was nice. It was overcast most of the day and the temperature was comfortable. Everyone that came had a goodtime. Sadly, there was a very small turnout. Only 64 (18 And over) attended. That included the 15-17 of us doing the work. We put in a lot of hours at planning meetings, working meat raffles, shopping for food and drinks, buying bikes, wagons and grills and bringing everything to the park and back to the Post. Considering how many Post and Auxiliary members we have -that is pretty sad.

The prize drawing was held and the winners are:

Wagons: age 0-3
Mya Green and Miles Jordan
Bikes: age 4-7 Gianni Contreas and Bryce Martin
age 8-10 Ellie Tjaden and Evan Schultz
age 11-13 Emaliya Schultz and Dylan Schultz
Age 14-17 Collin Thell and Aubrey Mrotz
Grills: Al Running and Judy Slater

     The Blood Drive was held on August 10th. We had 27 people volunteer to give blood. Five of them couldnít give for various reasons, but I want to thank everyone for participating. Thanks also to Berna, Ray, Susan, Barb K. and Mike L. for helping me that day. I think we were successful.

     August 12th was our annual cookout for the Hastings Veterans Home. This year we had 2 new grillers. John and Chuck did a great job cooking pork chops and foot long hot dogs. We served the Veterans inside due to the air quality alert. Thanks to Phyliss, Vi, Susan, and Ray for joining me. Thanks to Mike K. for visiting with the Veterans.

     We didnít do bingo at Hastings in August. The Veterans had chance to attend a concert at Levee Park and I thought that was an important outing for them. We will do bingo on September20th.

     Cracker Barrel at the Minneapolis Veterans Home on July25th went well. We served 35 residents. Once again, the pies were the first to go. We served apple and blueberry. The sandwiches, herring, pickles, brownies and cookies were enjoyed by all. We will be doing Augustís Cracker Barrel on the 29th.

     About 15 years ago this Auxiliary had a Peace Garden constructed at the Hastings Veterans Home. The fountain has worn out and needed to be replaced. In July the Post and Auxiliary voted to share the cost of a new fountain. It is now in place. The Veterans are enjoying the peaceful sounds created by the flowing water. They asked me to let everyone know how much they appreciate what we have done and they send a big ďThank YouĒ.

     Thank you to those who have been dropping off cancelled stamps for our Hospital Program. Please continue to save them for us.

     The next Auxiliary meeting will be on Wednesday, September12th at 6:30 p.m.

     Fall Conference will be held in Willmar on September 14-16.

     If you are a member in good standing and have been diagnosed with cancer the Auxiliary has cancer grants available. Contact Barb Kleckner at 651-450-9291 for more information.

     The Auxiliary will perform a Funeral Ritual for any deceased member. We would be honored to do so. Contact Barb Meyer at 651-457-9156.

     In closing, I congratulate those celebrating a birthday or anniversary. I wish for a speedy recovery if you are injured or ill. I offer my deepest sympathy if you have lost a loved one.

Loyally yours,

Barb Meyer
Auxiliary President

         September 2018