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V.F.W. Post 295













Greetings Auxiliary Sisters and Brothers,

     We have been lucky to have had rather mild temperatures so far this winter. But, our luck has run out. We are now getting the horribly frigid temperatures. Fortunately, we havenít had to deal with a lot of snow, but even a little can be dangerous. Iím going to stay positive. Spring is just around the corner - a really big corner.
The District 2 meeting was held on January5th in Wells, MN. Susan and I were the only Auxiliary members in attendance from Post295. Overall, the attendance was very good. Fortunately, the weather was mild and we had no travel problems.

     The District Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen winners were present and received their awards. Our VOD entrant took 2nd place in the District.

- VFW Auxiliary Elementary School Americanism Contest.

     Our entry was in the 2nd and 3rd grade age group. The student was to draw and color the American Flag. It had to be original artwork using their choice of crayon, marker, colored pencils or paint on 8 Ĺ x 11 inch paper. Our judging was done in November and sent on to the District for judging. I am happy to announce that our entry received 1st place in his age group. Congratulations, Owen Schmidt.

     We were scheduled to do Cracker Barrel at the Minneapolis Veterans Home on December 26th. We had to cancel for the 2ndtime in a row due to a snow storm and slippery roads. Hopefully we can do January 30th and February 27th.

     January 17th we sponsored bingo at the Hastings Veterans Home. We had 35 participants. We gave out $56.75 in prize money. We gave out less money than usual because we had fewer winners per game. Everyone enjoyed the cookies and ice cream. We even have one Veteran who takes 3 dishes of ice cream and some cookies to the nurseís station each month.

     Our next Auxiliary meeting will be on February 12th at 6:30 p.m. Our meetings are being held in a conference room at 1413 Thompson Ave. Suite 1. Enter on the 14th Ave. side. It would be nice to have more members attend.

     Mid-Winter Conference was held at the Marriott City Center, Minneapolis on January 18-20. The nine District VOD winners were honored. The Department awards were given. The District 2 winner was one of five runners-up and received $100.00. The 1st place winner was from the 7th District and is a sophomore. The Teacher of the Year in the 6th - 8th grade level is from the 2nd District and from Prior Lake. During the Saturday Auxiliary meeting we voted on a Resolution that would change the wording in the VFW Auxiliary National Bylaws Section 814 - Trustees, Duties of (All Levels). This will now be sent to National to be voted on at National Convention.

     Thank you for saving cancelled stamps for us. We still collect them for our Hospital Program. Drop them off at either 1413 Thompson, Suite 1 or 1401 Thompson.

     The Auxiliary has cancer grants available for any member in good standing who has been diagnosed with cancer. Contact Barb Kleckner at 651-450-9291 for more information.

     The Auxiliary is available to perform a Funeral Ritual for any deceased member. We would be honored to do so. Contact Barb Meyer at 651-457-9156.

     In closing, I congratulate those celebrating a birthday or anniversary. I wish for a speedy recovery if you are injured or ill. I offer my deepest sympathy if you have lost a loved one.


Loyally Yours,

Barb Meyer
Auxiliary President

       February 2019